When can I get waxed after IPL laser hair removal?


Waxing is often an easy-to-use form of hair removal. In 2020, nearly 7 million Americans will use professional hair removal services at least 4 times or more. Worryingly, most people don't realize that waxing has adverse effects on all types of laser hair removal, including IPL.

Can I wax between two pulsed light hair removal treatments?

No, for laser hair removal to work, your follicles must contain hair. In fact, a single session of waxing can undo all the progress you make with laser hair removal, including IPL hair removal. It is this type of hair removal that our Clearlift device exploits. It works very effectively and over 70,000 people have seen positive hair removal results. However, it must be used correctly. Waxing, on the other hand, removes all of the hair from the follicle, leaving you hairless. It's also worth noting that waxing does the same thing.

Wondering what IPL means? Keep reading. Our Clearlift IPL hair removal device uses IPL hair removal technology. Pulsed light is a form of light therapy, similar to laser, used for various dermatological procedures, including long-term hair removal. IPL hair removal uses broad-spectrum light that targets hair pigment and kills hair growth cells. Laser hair removal works similarly, but it uses only one intense beam of light. The end results of IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are very similar, except IPL is much more affordable.

Now - back to waxing 101. Basically the hair is removed from the follicle, any type of hair removal that uses light (i.e. laser or IPL) cannot work and you won't see results. This is because the device must identify the pigment to locate and target the hair follicle. Waxing removes the entire hair and follicle, so no pigment can be detected by a pulsed light hair removal device, making the treatment unnecessary.

In short, hair removal with wax, brush or epilator is prohibited! To be successful with IPL hair removal, you must shave or use hair removal cream before each treatment. The closer the shave the better, so we recommend using a sharp razor or our 4D Clearlift automatic razor for a closer and more comfortable shave.

Does waxing after IPL hair removal promote hair regrowth?

No, it does not increase hair regrowth, but as we mentioned above, you risk damaging your next IPL hair removal treatment if you epilate directly before your next treatment. If you epilate between two pulsed light hair removal sessions, you will have to wait for the hair to grow back before shaving it and proceeding with the next treatment.

That sounds like an extra hassle, and truth be told, it really is if you're a die-hard fan of waxing. However, as we said, the hair follicle needs to be intact for the device to work its magic and achieve hairless results.

What can't I do after IPL hair removal?

Once you've completed an IPL hair removal treatment, it's natural to wonder if your usual beauty habits might be sabotaging all of your laser hair removal efforts. Fortunately, the treatment is so simple that you can continue to live normally, except for a few points below.

We strongly recommend that you stay out of direct sunlight, which includes sunbathing without SPF 50+ and the use of tanning beds. As you know, we also recommend that you avoid waxing, feathering and epilating. Finally, if you plan to get a tattoo, remember that you can never perform pulsed light (or laser) hair removal on a tattooed area.

If you are still considering permanent hair removal, take a look at our IPL device. Not only is it super easy and convenient, it works - just make sure you don't wax first.

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