IPL or laser hair removal: which to choose?


All right, let's put an end to this feud once and for all. IPL hair removal or laser hair removal?

Both, IPL hair removal and laser hair removal, are two of the best options for long-lasting smooth, hair-free skin. You will no longer have to worry about strawberry legs, razor burns or ingrown hairs using IPL hair removal or laser hair removal. Although both use similar technology to accomplish their task, sometimes one or the other method can be more effective depending on each person.

When deciding which of these two long-lasting hair removal methods will work best, it all comes down to circumstances and personal choices. So we put our IPL hair removal device and our laser epilator to the test to see which one will work best for you. But first, let's talk a bit about science:

What is the difference between IPL hair removal and laser hair removal?

Alright, before we get to the main event, let's see how each method works. Laser hair removal uses unique intense heat and light energy to target melanin in hair follicles below the surface of the skin. Once the melanin has absorbed the energy, the heat destroys the hair follicle, preventing it from growing back. IPL hair removal uses a similar method by targeting the pigments, but sends out a broad spectrum of pulsed light rather than a single laser. Although the two methods are similar, the energy of IPL is more dispersed and can target a larger area. The laser treatment focuses on a very small area of ​​the surface. Sessions of either can be done in the clinic,

Alright, now let's talk about it: IPL hair removal vs laser hair removal: which one will work best for you?

For long-lasting hair removal: Both

Because IPL and laser hair removal use similar technology to target hair follicles, they both provide long-lasting hair removal. Of course, both methods require a few touch-up sessions to maintain full hair removal, but you can expect IPL and laser hair removal to last anywhere from 6 months to a few years. We therefore give them the palm for this method.

For painless hair removal: IPL

Powerful light laser hair removal technology can be an intense experience, especially for those with a low pain tolerance. Despite long-lasting results, the hair removal session as a whole can be uncomfortable. With IPL, the experience can be painless depending on the intensity setting used. With a high quality IPL device, you will be able to choose from different intensity levels to accommodate each user's sensitivity to pain. For a pain-free experience? We give the prize to pulsed light.

For a more affordable option: IPL

Since pulsed light does not require such intense light technology, in-clinic sessions and home devices are more affordable options than laser hair removal. Additionally, in-clinic laser hair removal and IPL require multiple salon visits, each of which can cost up to $100 depending on the area being treated. IPL devices are only purchased once and can be used whenever and wherever you want. Pulsed light to win!

For dark skin hair removal: Laser hair removal

Nowadays, in-clinic laser hair removal can be effective on almost all skin colors, especially dark colors. However, before making an appointment, be sure to schedule a patch test beforehand. Unfortunately, IPL hair removal is only effective on light, medium, and medium-dark skin tones. So we give this point to laser hair removal.

To check if IPL hair removal can work with your skin tone, check out our guide to hair and skin here.

For thick and dark hair: Both

Both pulsed light and laser hair removal target the melanin in the hair follicle. Unlike other conventional hair removal methods, such as shaving or waxing, you won't see traces of dark hair or beard after completing a full session with IPL or laser. For people suffering from PCOS or hirsutism, laser hair removal and IPL are known to be the best treatment for excessive body hair removal. Not only do they provide long term results, but they can also eliminate any signs of dark spots on the skin. It's a draw for this one.

For light blonde, gray and red hair: Laser hair removal

IPL hair removal and laser hair removal are both equally effective in removing dark hair on fair to medium skin tones. However, as with hair removal for dark skin, laser hair removal is more likely to be effective on blond, gray and red hair. That said, some laser hair removal clinics require patients to be tanned at each session to ensure that the laser can differentiate skin color from hair color. But for now, laser hair removal wins out.

To check if IPL can work with your hair color, check out our hair and skin guide here.

For rosacea skin hair removal: IPL

When it comes to laser hair removal, skin pigments, such as rosacea and other signs of redness, could affect the hair removal process and even damage skin tone. However, IPL uses lighter energy (pardon the pun) and is unlikely to affect red pigment (including acne scars) on the skin. In fact, some dermatologists even use IPL to treat redness. However, this procedure will need to be handled by a medical professional. In any case, pulsed light wins the gold medal in this area.

For hair removal at home: IPL

Again, thanks to technology, IPL hair removal can be done in the comfort of your home. Laser hair removal treatments will always need to be performed in a clinic. They require a certified professional to perform the procedure. IPL devices can be used by anyone, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully before using your brand new IPL device. The IPL wins at home.

When it comes to IPL and laser hair removal, both techniques are effective, but don't worry if neither is right for you. We created our pulsed light hair removal device as a more affordable and easier to use alternative to traditional laser hair removal. We know that IPL is not for everyone. For other effective and effortless hair removal and skincare devices, you can check out the rest of our devices by clicking the button below:

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